GW2 Assistant Update

Posted on: Wednesday May 10, 2017

So! I've not actually posted about this, but I've launched a small iOS app GW2 Assistant.

Atom Gitbook: APM Rebuild on OSX

Posted on: Monday February 22, 2016

There's an issue with the Atom editor and the package I've been working on, atom-gitbook.

Site Now in Metalsmith + Let's Encrypt

Posted on: Monday January 11, 2016

I recently got the bug to try something new and run my site using a static site generator instead of Drupal.

Why you should write in Markdown

Posted on: Wednesday September 16, 2015

I had a bit of free time this afternoon, and decided I should take a moment to talk about one of my favorite things: Markdown. In the post, I'd like to talk about what I've been using Markdown for and a few of the services and tools I've been looking at and using. Hopefully it'll be useful!

Techlahoma Chat Bot take 2

Posted on: Tuesday October 14, 2014

So it has been a while since I first talked about creating amandaharlin_v2, and I figured it was time for an update.I originally spun up _v2 on Digital Ocean (which is what is hosting this blog), and everything worked out pretty well.

Techlahoma Chat Bot

Posted on: Tuesday May 20, 2014

Today while I was talking in #techlahoma, the topic of chatbots came up. Being something of a chat bot connoisseur, I (with @amandaharlin's blessing) have set out to tell you how to get your very own hubot up and running on IRC.

ircd-ratbox and ratbox-services in Ubuntu

Posted on: Sunday February 09, 2014

I recently decided to get an IRC server up and running to see how complicated it would be compared to installing ejabberd.

Views Link Issue with Replacements

Posted on: Wednesday May 01, 2013

So, I was working on getting a particular view which rattles off a list of categories working to link off to another view that has a Contextual Filter on said category field to list off all matching content items with said value in the field. Similar to Taxonomy terms, but being linked from a select dropdown. I was using the output as link option, with a replacement filter to put the value of the item into the url. Everything was pretty straightforward, except for one little snag. One of my categories had a forward slash in it. Now, normally I would think this / would be url encoded to %2F, but that wasn't happening.

Aegir Virtualhost files on Ubuntu

Posted on: Sunday April 28, 2013

Just a very quick note, as I had to do a bit of hunting to find where the heck Aegir was generating my virtualhosts for all of the domains I was managing through it.

PsySl Service Locator Experiment

Posted on: Friday April 26, 2013

Yesterday, during a conversation with my coworkers on how Dependency Injection works with the Service Locator pattern, we were talking through what would happen with cyclical dependencies. Basically, what would happen if you told a Service locator to load a dependency for one class, and that class had a dependency for the class that was originally calling the Service Locator. This would cause an infinite loop, and in PHP, Maximum Memory Exceeded error pretty rapidly.

Profiling PHP with Xdebug

Posted on: Friday March 22, 2013

My last post was about using ab and jmeter to get some performance benchmarks on a website. Now, I figure I should probably mention how to profile your application to look for memory leaks, bad calls, and what portion of the code is taking the most amount of time.

Website Benchmarking

Posted on: Wednesday March 20, 2013

I've recently been evaluating different website benchmarking tools, so I though I would take a moment to highlight two of them I have used recently.

CiviCRM API Part 2

Posted on: Sunday February 17, 2013

A very brief continuation of my CiviCRM API exploration from the other day.

CiviCRM External API Access Problems

Posted on: Friday February 15, 2013

Recently I was working on getting CiviCRM to work with external API access, because I have a multi-site install which needs to be able to communitcate with the contact database across all of the sub-sites without having the plugin turned on (for reasons I'll explain in a moment). Now, API v3 does look like it is a great improvement over v2, however, it has been less-than-documented, and important information is scattered in various locations. I'll try to summarise what I've learned here to illustrate how to get an external API up and running.